Coffee in Oslo

So, we've been to Oslo – finally! And as a coffee-snob and never-without-my-caffein-person we wanted to have coffee. Good coffee, no more, no less.

We've got some recommendations and researched a little as well.
Full disclaimer: I drink coffee, I don't analyze it. Without further ado here are my five (so far) favorite coffee-spots in Oslo:

Tim Wendelboe

First day and we already found the (most likely) best coffee – or as my colleague put it: coffee royalty!


The tiny shop was extremely busy on a Sunday afternoon. No free spot inside or out – and it was hot! Maybe because of the summer temperatures or due to the constant coffee brewing. There was even a dedicated AeroPress-station, fascinating. And soo good coffee! If only we would remember which one we got. Although I guess all of them are pretty decent.

My Ugly Baby

I was so full after lunch at Oslo Street Food so I didn't try any of the delicious looking donuts at My Ugly Baby. Not that much of a problem, since I wanted coffee – or rather double espresso, verrrry nice! The nice chat with the lovely barista was a nice extra in that cute little shop.

Det Grønne Kjøkken

Breakfast only with coffee! In this case I got a Kaffe Macchiato, yum! And fresh pressed orange juice. And a really nice omelette. That's how I like it.



The exceptional reviews let us to this nice coffee shop – with a warm atmosphere and of course good coffee. (It reminded me a little of My little Melbourne in Budapest, nice one as well.)


The Cakery

I was searching for sweet breakfast options when I found the Cakery – fluffy pancakes and cakes that tasted as good as they looked. And yes, the coffee was decent as well!


Apparently there are rumors that there's not good coffee in Norway. Either this originated pre-third wave or Oslo is not part of Norway in this case. Either way I'm happy with our coffee selection.
I'd count this vacation coffee-wise (and all other-wise as well) as a success. Unfortunately we didn't buy any beans for home. Guess we need to come back. Well... 😊

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